The OC

September 5, 2005

Scenes from "The OC" (Second

"OC" stands for Orange
County, CA.

The OC is one of Fox Network’s TV shows that normalize
alcohol and drug use among young people. The sexual content on
the show is extreme. The OC made headlines in its second season
when two characters develop a lesbian relationship. The lesbian
kissing scene on a "teen" show shocked many. Since the
show is aimed at young people the Parents Television Council (PTC)
gave The OC a "red light" – its worst content rating.
The PTC said in its September 2005 newsletter that The OC was the
third worst TV show in prime time. Their quote: "Following
the lives of teenagers in affluent Orange County, California,
the show exploits adult themes of sex, drugs and alcohol and
them up to make them appealing to teenagers."

This school year, Channel One News has agreed to
run ads for the Second Season DVD collection of The OC episodes.
These episodes contain some of the most outrageous content ever
shown on this series.

Evidently the alcohol and sexual content of this show was deemed acceptable
to Channel One’s new president Judy Harris.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "Channel One
knew about the lesbian content of this trashy show. They knew that
the alcohol content was incredibly irresponsible. And yet they
gave this show their stamp of approval. Advertising this cultural
rot to children especially during their school time is a form of
child abuse. Channel One News will never clean up their act. It
is up to individual schools and school districts to end this ridiculous
misuse of taxpayer school time."

This is what middle school
students saw on their classroom TV screen.


Example of binge drinking dialogue on The OC:

Kristen: "Is it a bad sign when you drink so
much that you can’t open a new bottle?"

This is one of the lesbian scenes from The OC. Parents
have no idea that their school is encouraging their child to purchase
this type of entertainment.