Friday, Oct. 7 – Dreamworks Day on C1N

October 7, 2005

PRIMEDIA is Channel One’s parent company. They have contacted Obligation in November, 2005 and said that no money has ever been paid to Channel One for a guest anchor’s appearance. Obligation believes that what Channel One News is doing is wrong. It is unethical and violates journalism standards. We believe there is a quid pro quo for Channel One allowing an actress to become a news anchor. In the case of Dreamer, the blanket and the appearance of a movie star on the set both have economic value to Channel One. It is the payment made to Channel One, if as PRIMEDIA says, there is no cash changing hands. The words below are from PRIMEDIA’s general counsel:

“Channel One has never received payment from a movie studio or anyone associated with a movie studio for an appearance on Channel One; and Channel One has never in any way traded an appearance for a promise of a purchase of advertising. The same holds true for any and all other advertisers. Consistent with the standards and practices at other major news outlets, our news gathering and advertising sales are separate and our sales staff has no influence over any segments we run.”


From PRIMEDIA’s second letter to Obligation:

“Channel One has never, directly or indirectly, sold an anchor position to anyone, not to an advertiser, not to a movie studio, not to anyone. No one has ever paid Channel One one dime to have a guest or guest anchor appear in our broadcast and there has never been any quid pro quo of any sort with respect to our guests or guest anchors. We bring onto our broadcasts people of interest to our viewers — including actors — and our relationship to them is no different then the relationship 60 Minutes has to an actor who is interviewed by Mike Wallace. And like 60 Minutes, our people who sell ads have no influence on our editorial content.”

Most secondary school students did not see Dakota Fanning on TV this morning.

Students forced to watch Channel One News however got a big dose of her. Dreamworks movie studio has a new movie coming out called Dreamer (PG). The studio purchased or bartered a news anchor position from Channel One, so the lead actress could plug the movie.

Over the years, Channel One News has sold their news anchor positions to dozens of people who wanted to use the news to pitch their CDs, TV shows, and movies. Payment to Channel One may not have been in money but in services and products of economic value.

Dreamworks movie studio bartered a celebrity appearance
to “buy” a news anchor position for one day.
Dakota Fanning (left) is introduced to Channel One’s captive audience.
Cali Carlin is a new anchor for C1N. She appears to have little regard for journalistic ethics. She will use her “news reader” position today to sell Gatorade and the Dreamworks movie. As a reporter there is nothing she can’t effectively sell to children.Give this young lady a book about journalism.
As taxpayer dollars are going up in smoke, Ms. Carlin tells students about a contest. The actress holds a blanket that will be given away to a randomly chosen student.
Zoom-in on the prize. Children have to be lured to so the company can collect personal information from them.
Bye. Bye. Suckers.

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