More Empty Calories

March 24, 2006

Screen shot from Channel One News.

It’s a full-scale advertising assault on school kids. Channel One News is pushing another sugared gum on its show.

Wrigley’s needs more children to take up the chewing gum habit. That is why they are advertising on Channel One.

The sugar in a stick of gum (2 grams) is not a large amount like in a Twinkie (one of Channel One’s favorite advertisers a few years back), but it is unnecessary sugar. There is nothing nutritional about chewing gum. The sugar in the gum often makes one crave more sugar.

Sugared gum can lead to dental problems and it can get a student sent to the principal’s office.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, “It is amazing that Channel One’s Judy Harris could say what she said in front of our nation’s governors and then air chewing gum ads along with new Gatorade ads (8 oz. = 14g sugar). These products add unneeded calories to children’s diets. I know Ms. Harris reads Obligation’s site. Ms. Harris, please have a heart. Stop airing all food or drink advertisements. Parents don’t want you trying to convince their children they need more sugar in their lives.”

March 2006 : Channel One is pushing new Gatorade product called Fierce.

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