Bureau Schools

May 19, 2006

If student produced news stories appear on a Channel One nationally broadcast program, shouldn’t the school that expended the costs in creating the content receive a portion of Channel One’s advertising revenue?


One News is asking students to help them develop program
content for the 2006-07 school year. This week, the company
posted a web site announcement that schools can
become "bureau
" which mean they will supply student produced
video to Channel One News for airing on their national

Stories that are developed, planned, shot and edited by
a school’s broadcast team are stories that Channel One’s
staff doesn’t have to develop, plan, shoot, and edit. It
is not known if Channel One will pay schools for their

Jim Metrock said, "We already know that to cut costs
Channel One will farm out is production function to an
outside firm. They assured everyone that they will still
be creating the content of the show. However, now they
are asking students to supply a certain percentage of the
content. In
the 90’s Channel One promised to bring the world of current
to students.
In 2006, Channel One is asking
students to produce news stories for them."