June 14, 2006

For most people a school bus is about safety. When I see a school bus, I automatically slow down. I want to give a school bus wide berth. I know – we all know – the importance of its cargo…schoolchildren…other people’s children. I think about the parents who walk their children to the bus stop and hope and pray each morning that adults along the way will help their children get safely to and from their school.

Three men in Massachusetts see school busses with added interest. When they see a school bus, they see a potential stream of income. They are already wealthy men who have visions of added riches.

These men realize that once on a school bus, children are a captive audience. Any captive audience can be exploited by forcing them to hear advertising. So Steven Shulman and Michael Yanoff developed BusRadio and were greatly aided by the venture capital moneyman Robert Davoli of Sigma Partners. As far as I can tell, this is the first time Sigma has chosen to financially back a very controversial company.

I have tried to make contact with all three gentlemen, but it seems all three have better things to do than talk with someone who isn’t fond of their newest money-making idea.