Q: Who’s Driving BusRadio? A: Bob Davoli

June 23, 2006

Sigma Partners is a venture capital firm. They raise money and then invest it in new start-up companies. If the new companies become successful, they are often sold and Sigma makes a lot of money.

Sigma gave BusRadio $4 million to get going. Robert Davoli is the partner who is in charge of BusRadio for Sigma. Davoli is reported to be a "hands on" investor. He certainly knows that forcing children to listen to advertisements and contests during their bus ride will be extraordinarily controversial This appears to be of little concern to Mr. Davoli. He sees big profits from the captive audience of young bus riders. He must think the amount of money to be made is well worth the awful publicity his firm is getting from being associated with BusRadio.

Apparently Sigma Partners believe there is no moral or ethical problem with making money off of six-year-olds or sixth-graders riding on their school bus. If so, then the public needs to let Sigma Partners know there is a cost that they must pay for their commercial assault on schoolchildren. The public must know that Sigma Partners is bankrolling this terrible exploitation of schoolchildren.

Those who give Sigma money to invest must be made aware of Sigma’s indifference to the well being of schoolchildren. Sigma Partners appear to view schoolchildren as "fair game." Obligation believes most people don’t see schoolchildren that way.

Bob Davoli and Sigma Partners have placed their bets on the two founders of BusRadio, Steve Shulman and Michael Yanoff. Sigma didn’t do their homework very well. In their due diligence preparation they merely had to "google" "Channel One" to see that a similar company in the student-exploitation business is in danger of going out of business.

Let’s hope Bob Davoli and his fellow partners come to their senses soon. No school district in their right mind would sign a deal with such a controversial company to put into their school busses a blaring radio that will be a distraction to students and drivers alike.