August 29, 2006

"Tick" video. (This is what preteens watched on August 29, 2006)

A new and equally ominous spot from Environmental Defense has been approved by Channel One. The new video is called "Tick."

Various children are shown saying, "Tick." That is "tick" as in time bomb. This is another "death play" by ED. Children will die if global warming isn’t stopped. Like the "Train" spot run earlier on Channel One, this ad will scare many in Channel One’s captive audience. An audience that reaches down to the sixth grade. The ad says, "There is still time," but evidently not much. The time bomb is ticking and all who watch should be afraid, they should be very afraid.

Obligation wonders if the semi-anonymous, all-white, Channel One advisory board approved this threatening ad for the "FightGlobalWarming.com" website. The public has no idea how Channel One decides what is shown to students and what isn’t. Almost certainly, a video this powerful and potentially troubling to preteens was approved by Channel One CEO Judy Harris.

Environmental Defense has their agenda and they are using their partner Channel One to mold the way a generation thinks about the environment.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "Is our planet getting warmer due to human activity? or is it just a natural cycle? or a bit of both? There’s a good case to be made for all three. No matter where a person comes down on this issue, I believe the public will agree that if it is necessary to instruct schoolchildren about global warming, it is the local school district and NOT CHANNEL ONE, that should handle that instruction. Allowing Channel One News to create an environmental curriculum of its choosing is wrong. It would be equally wrong if Southern Company or another utility buys time on Channel One and runs ads telling students that global warming is utter nonsense. Obligation urges Channel One’s Judy Harris to stop scaring students. We ask her to end these Environment Defense ads."