Lesbian Lovers

January 30, 2007

Steve Shulman, the president of BusRadio, has a lot of explaining to do.

On one hand he loves to tell school boards that one reason he created BusRadio was to save children from the adult content of drive-time FM radio. On the other hand, his BusRadio website is reporting to kids that Ellen DeGeneres has a new lesbian lover. What!!!???

We are not making this stuff up. We wished it wasn’t true.

Today, Obligation began a tour of BusRadio’s "Age 6 to 12" web site. In one of the articles written by Mandy Smyth, their principal web writer, mention is made of Ellen DeGeneres’ new love interest. "Ellen DeGeneres is in love and it looks like she is walking on sunshine these days."

Notice the url address shows this is BusRadio’s "tween" site for children 6-12 years-old.


If children click on "Ellen DeGeneres" in that sentence they would be transported off BusRadio’s site to the article below.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "Mr. Shulman and others at BusRadio may believe that they are serving a higher purpose by exposing young children to gay and lesbian relationships but many parents may not agree. Maybe BusRadio hopes that children visiting their site will grow up to be more tolerant of alternative lifestyles, who knows what BusRadio’s people are thinking or planning. What I do know, is that they are dumping age-inappropriate content on unsuspecting children whose parents or guardians would like to be the ones deciding how their children, or if their children, will learn about women loving other women.

"Mr. Shulman, you stepped over a line. Parents don’t need yet another thing to worry about, and now BusRadio.com is something to worry about. Shame on you for treating a first grader like a college student. Your two web sites are littered with the celebrity rubbish that parents want less of in their children’s lives. Clean up your act and in the future when two female Hollywood celebrities decide to become lovers, don’t thing you have to tell ever child you know about it."

Below: BusRadio provided a link to this article. This link was on both the teen site and the "Age 6 to 12" site. This must have been approved by the highest levels of BusRadio management because they knew this could cause serious problems with some parents.