Wu-Tang !!

January 31, 2007


Wu-Tang’s first album since ‘Iron Flag’ is coming out this year. If BusRadio didn’t keep children posted on Wu-Tang, who would?


Below is a screen shot of a BusRadio article on their “tween” website for young people UNDER the age of 13.



The first sentence is a promo for one of the sleaziest rap bands in America. We don’t think that Wu-Tang’s record company paid BusRadio for this advertising. Instead, we think BusRadio simply wanted to be “edgy” and appear “cool” to the preteen and elementary school-age children who visit their “Tween” site. This type of content is routine at BusRadio. (Smack That , No Stank You, Steve Shulman, BusRadio’s Blog, and Lesbian Lovers) The company is showing a recklessness that is surprising since they are still struggling to convince school boards that their company will have a positive impact on children.

It’s obvious from what is written that the BusRadio gang know Wu-Tang well. They have exclamation points after each word in their name. (“Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang!) BusRadio is practically giddy with delight telling third graders about Wu-Tang. When you read their opening line telling kids that Wu-Tang is back and expect a new album soon, you get the feeling that BusRadio thinks all kids should know about this group. They don’t even say this is a rap group or their last album was entitled whatever, BusRadio assumes all young people, no matter what age, are streetwise to the one of the vilest rap groups in America. BusRadio needs to change their attitude about young people. Wu-Tang’s foul lyrics may be on some of the BusRadio employee’s iPods, but the vast majority of young people would never listen to this filth. By plugging this group and building anticipation for what will certainly be another CD filled with vulgarity and violence and drug and alcohol content, BusRadio has done a great disservice to parents across the country. Parents don’t want this type of music to be made attractive.

You may be thinking to yourself that there must be a reason that BusRadio took the unusual step of giving Wu-Tang “top of the story” placement in the elementary school-age web article. Maybe Wu-Tang has some uplifting lyrics. There has to be something that made BusRadio risk promoting this group. You can type “Wu-Tang lyrics” in a search engine and try to find something redeeming about the group. Obligation gave up. Here are some typical lyrics from Wu-Tang:

Dog S***

Yeah, hayyyy! Dedicated to all you bitch ass niggaz
De, haaaaa And you bitch ass niggarettes
Bitch! Hoeeeeee! Motherf***ers!

[RZA] Let that bitch go!

Shame on a nuh, who tried to step TUH
the Ol Dirty Bas, put my foot up your UHH
Bitch, you walk around with your bra too tight
It’s alright, you still gon’ get f***ed tonight

[Method] Stankin ass hoes!

You’re the type of bitch don’t appreciate sheeeit
Never had sheeeit, so you won’t be sheeeeit
That p**** there, couldn’t satisfy a hair
on my body, treat me like a lolli and slob me down
*SLURP, SLURP* I’m Doo Doo Brown! Hehahahaha
Tossed salad, oh you in some s*** now
Callin me a dog, well leave a dog alone
Cause nothin can stop me from buryin my bones
in the backyard, of someone else’s house
Ol Dirt Dog, but I’m not dogged out
Here comes Rover, sniffin at your ass
But pardon me bitch, as I s*** on your grass
That means hoe, you been s***-ted on!
I’m not the first dog that’s s***ted on your law


Chrome Wheels

Guns jammed up, I’m cramed up in my lab
Six niggaz, six bitches, two fifths and eight bags
One toilet, three weedheads, an alcoholic
And two niggaz hooked on p****
And in the corner, was this brother who would study his lessons
And learned how operate the Smith and the Wesson
Still cut class and played hookey
Threw freshmens in garbage cans, gave ’em nookies
Rolled the, back of the bus with a gun in his socks [note: Hope that bus doesn’t have BusRadio?]
Big forehead, had ears like Spock
He was mightier than a truckload of gats
And bound to make a bitch c** in six minutes flat


In The Hood

What the f*** y’all niggaz thought, huh? What you thinkin bitch?
Are you stupid son, must be stupid kid
What the f*** is wrong? It’s the Wu bitch
Ain’t got a clue bitch, tie ya shoe bitch
Get the f*** back, ‘fore we break a f… listen
Tryin to tell y’all niggaz, give you a fair warnin
Just a chance to live, so you can see ya kids
Yo son nah, before I split ya wig
I’d rather feed you this, but you ain’t wanna eat it
So now you got to FEEL IT!!

[Masta Killa]
Yo what the, yo
Let me f*** it one more time then y’all can f***
Y’know how we do it in the hood
Yo.. yeah.. turn the mic up, yeah, yo

The lyrics above are fairly representative of Wu Tang’s body of work. We have no idea why BusRadio decided to talk about this group to its youngest web visitors. It would be offensive for BusRadio to mention this group on its Teen website (which they did), much less their “age 6-12” website.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, “This ‘Quick Hits’ article has other problems for parents. Why is BusRadio telling first, second and third-graders about Madonna? Why talk about Ray-J who also puts out explicit-lyric CDs? Shouting ‘Wu! Tang’ on a site aimed at elementary school-age kids is a sick thing to do. School boards should be very careful in considering this company if their website gives any indication of how they treat children.”