Advisory Board

February 3, 2007
Channel One’s Advisory Board

David ????
A principal somewhere in North Dakota.

Emily ????
A media technology teacher somewhere in Texas.

Jim ????
A teacher somewhere in Iowa.

Sonya ????
A media specialist somewhere in Georgia.

Roy ????
A video production teacher somewhere in California.

Tami ????
A guidance counselor somewhere in Oklahoma.

Randy ????
A teacher somewhere in Louisiana.

Kay ????
A media specialist somewhere in Florida.

Kelly ????
A history teacher somewhere in Arizona.

Paula ????
A library media teacher somewhere in Utah.

It has been almost a year since Channel One published the pictures of their "Advisory Board." Obligation has previously written about this semi-anonymous, all-white advisory board. (The board is balanced with an equal number of men and women, but when it comes to making a board that truly represents Channel One’s captive audience, it appears that no African-American, Asian-American, or Hispanic teachers need apply.)

You can read a short bio on each at

Notice that none of the ten wanted to give their last name in their bio. None of the ten wanted to give the name of their school. You would think they would be proud of their school and their school’s use of Channel One News. They do even want people to know what city they teach in – they only give their state.

It is time that the public learns more about this group of educators and how they are using their taxpayer-funded positions to help Channel One.

There may be reasons why they did not give their last names or their school names. There may be ethical problems working (whether paid or unpaid) for a school vendor. Do these educators also "advise" other school vendors on how they can make their products or services better or how they can increase their revenues? These ten educators are consultants to one of America’s most controversial companies. We probably will never understand their personal motivation, but at least we should know their names.

Obligation believes we know the names of several members of this secret group. As we confirm their identity we will add their names and their school names to their pictures.

If you know any of these people, please write to Obligation at