My Chemical Romance

February 28, 2007

BusRadio urges kids to see My Chemical Romance concert.

From: Jim Metrock

To: Steve "Wu-Tang" Shulman, Founder of BusRadio

Steve, you’re doing it again. What is the deal? Why continue to promote musical groups known for explicit lyrics?

This time you are reviewing a concert by My Chemical Romance.

Steve, the name of the band should have tipped you off. They are referring to the drug Ecstasy. You BusRadio employees knew that if you didn’t. Does this group’s name imply a love of drugs? I don’t even have to get to their profane lyrics to know this band isn’t appropriate for the audience you seek to exploit for your financial gain.

Steve, use your brain. On one hand you tell school boards you created BusRadio to help keep children from hearing offensive songs on their bus ride. Yet you fill your website with garbage about My Chemical Romance. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say you are trying to keep it clean and then try your best to "push the envelope."

Steve, or Wu-Tang (nicknamed after Steve’s last mess-up), tell your employees to stop promoting these drugged-out, raunchy-lyric bands to our children. If this is happening on your website, what’s happening on the buses?

Steve, I noticed your crack BusRadio employees left the parental warning label off your graphic above. I wonder why? Are you confusing young people? You have this review of My Chemical Romance’s concert performance as your "featured article." Was there NOTHING better you could find as a top music story? I noticed, and I bet you did too, that the person writing this review talks about his "roomate"[sic]. Is this part of the problem, Steve? You have college-age students bringing their musical tastes to a website that probably has most, if not all, of your elementary and middle school students as visitors along with your high school students.

If parents knew what you are dumping on their kids, BusRadio would be in the dumpster.

One last thing, Steve, or rather, Wu-Tang, what is so wonderful about the raunchy group Wu-Tang? You must have their poster up on your BusRadio office. After we published our article about how your company was pumping up this group on your "tween" website, you guys took the article down. That was a good move, Steve. But above under "Quick Hits – Music" you are once again promoting Wu-Tang and Rage Against The Machine (another one of your explicit lyric groups). This time you are giving kids a head’s up on catching Wu-Tang at a concert, which I can only imagine is filled with even more vulgarity and drug content than their CDs.

Wu-Tang, I mean Steve, don’t keep doing this to other people’s children.