March 16, 2007

BusRadio is deleting "cuss" words from songs it plays for its captive audience of bus riders. What this means is BusRadio is now playing music from artists that have offensive content in their songs. This is another troubling development for the start-up company from Needham, MA.

From an article from yesterday’s Bay City Times (Bay City, MI):

"With BusRadio, students will hear many of the same songs they might listen to on their favorite Top 40 radio station, though songs deemed inappropriate for their age group have been screened out and any cuss words in songs have been deleted."

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "Everyone knows that bleeping out a word still often conveys that word and its meaning. If BusRadio is now saying they will play songs with bleeped out lyrics to elementary, middle and high school students, then they have made a huge mistake. I have no idea why Steve Shulman, BusRadio’s president, has allowed Wu-Tang, Akon, Andre 3000, and My Chemical Romance to be mentioned on, but it is just wrong to purposefully play music on a bus from profane and vulgar artists. BusRadio may be encouraging young people to buy a CD, thinking it is clean, when in reality it is filthy. The public doesn’t know what BusRadio is playing for kids, because BusRadio doesn’t want anyone to know. BusRadio refuses to stream their entire show on the web so parents, school administrators and school board members can review what is being forced on the captive audience of young people. The best course of action for a school board is to delete BusRadio from their agenda."