BusRadio Plays Akon For Elementary School Kids

May 23, 2007

"We have the same goals as children’s advocacy groups," Shulman said. "We want the children to be safe. Right now, some of the music being played on the radio is not appropriate. We don’t play any music that comes with a parental advisory on it."

(This quote came from the May 21, 2007 Louisville Courier-Journal article by Antoinette Konz, "School board shelves decision on bus radios, ads.")

From Jim Metrock:

Steve Shulman is the president of BusRadio. You have to study his words carefully to really understand what he is saying.

"We don’t play any music that comes with a parental advisory on it."

Mr. Shulman is trying to pull a fast one on school boards and parents. His company is free to play music FROM a CD that has a parental advisory sticker. His company is free to play music from an artist that is notorious for profane, violent, and vulgar lyrics. Many artists known for their explicit lyrics put out "clean" versions that have the bad words bleeped out. These "clean" versions still communicate the awful messages the artist wants kids to hear. Children that buy the "clean" version will probably graduate to the hardcore version later.

Mr. Shulman is playing with words. A "clean" version of a foul song or a song with no offensive lyrics on a otherwise vulgar CD is considered "age-appropriate" by BusRadio.

I just recently heard BusRadio playing a song by Akon called "Lonely." The song has no offensive lyrics. The song is from the CD called "Trouble." There is a "clean" version of this CD and a raunchy one. That makes little difference to parents who are doing their best to keep raunchy music away from their kids.

The bottom line: BusRadio is introducing young children to musical acts that are known for offensive lyrics.

BusRadio broadcasts three different shows: one for high school buses, middle school buses and elementary school buses. BusRadio would be in big trouble if they played Akon on their high school show. (Which they do.)

Q: But guess which show I heard Akon on?

A: The BusRadio’s elementary school program.

This is why BusRadio doesn’t publish their playlist. This is why Steve Shulman is so secretive. This is why BusRadio will die like most bad ideas. Let’s hope it is soon.

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