Lil’ Ca$hman Davolizzz

June 23, 2007

Lil’ Ca$hman Davolizzz
aka Robert Davoli

Sigma Partner’s money man for Bus Radio.


Mr. Davoli and the venture capital firm he works for, Sigma Partners (we pronounce it "STIG-ma Partners") are the big money people behind the controversial Bus Radio company.

Mr. Davoli is considered a "hands on" investor. When he invests Sigma’s money in a start-up, he stays on top of "his" companies. He knows what is happening on a regular basis at Bus Radio. He gives advice and we guess his advice is usually taken because after all he is the "Money Man."

"Every chief executive who accepts money from him understands that Davoli will be extremely involved in management and that he has little patience for CEOs who fail to measure up or persistently ignore his advice." Business Week

Mr. Davoli knows what type of music Bus Radio is promoting to kids. He has to know. If he doesn’t, then he’s asleep at the wheel and Sigma Partners ought to be upset that he isn’t properly overseeing this start-up firm.

Did Mr. Davoli complain about My Chemical Romance? Akon? Wu-Tang? The Used? Andre 3000 and Outkast?

These acts must be OK by Davoli. If he wanted Bus Radio to clean up their act, they would have.

Obligation believes the public should be sicken by the content of If this company is promoting these raunchy acts NOW, when they are trying to win schools to their company, then just imagine what they will do when they are off the public’s radar screen.

That’s why we combined the pictures of a rapper and our Bus Radio venture capitalist to create DJ Lil’ Ca$hman Davolizzz. Whenever Bus Radio dumps a foul-mouth musical act on kids, we will write an article and include a picture of Lil’ Ca$hman Davolizzz saying, "Check it out, man."

Our next article will report on the filthest musical artist yet featured on It appears that Lil’ Ca$hman and his Bus Radio homeboys are still pushing the envelope.

Where Lil’ Ca$hman Davolizzz came from.

Robert Davoli, respected venture capitalist with Sigma Partners (Boston).

Eminem, "respected" white rapper.