Busradio.com Goes Dark

July 29, 2007

After months of trying to create a "hip" and "cool" website for teens and preteens, Busradio.com has gone dark. There is no more website for young people to go to. That is a good thing. You only have to read our articles about Bus Radio and its website to understand why parents and young people should be very pleased that this site is gone – at least temporarily.

This is a big defeat for Bus Radio. You don’t "retool" your website if everything was going right. Did Sigma Partners put pressure on Bus Radio to clean up their act? Bus Radio might have made this change on its own. When the website comes back will it be more age-appropriate? We’ll all have to wait and see. For now, be thankful that Busradio.com is not an option for young people.


Above: Anyone visiting Busradio.com is greeted by this screen. This page leads to either a site aimed at schools or one aimed at advertisers.