August 11, 2007

This spring, Bus Radio helped sponsor a marketing meeting in Orlando. This was Bus Radio’s first appearance at the conference called Kid Power. They wanted to make a good impression on the other kiddie marketers so they inflated their numbers a bit. The image below was taken from the conference program:

"1,000,000 students" is a lie.

"Our exclusive network of OVER 1,000,000 students" is a big, fat whopper told by the desperate Bus Radio company. No major school district that we know of has signed up with the company.

Positive proof that Bus Radio is lying comes from the sales literature Bus Radio was handing out at the very same conference. In the sales kit distributed by Bus Radio in Orlando the company claimed 102,000 students. During the very same week (May 21-24, 2007), Bus Radio published their student count as both 102,000 and "over 1,000,000." Zeros appear to mean very little to Bus Radio executives. Obligation expects Bus Radio to reach the 10,000,000 student mark sometime this fall.

Seriously, the true numbers of students listening to Bus Radio are unknown because Bus Radio is a super secret organization. They refuse to tell parents and educators what songs they are playing on the buses, they refuse to publish the names of their advertisers, and they refuse to tell the public what school districts have agreed to experiment with Bus Radio.

Obligation estimates that Bus Radio has less than 50,000 students. That’s a guess. What we do know for sure is Bus Radio is a company in big trouble.