Remake Of Offensive Bus Radio Web Site Behind Schedule

September 18, 2007


Bus Radio faced with being rejected by more and more school districts took down their AGE-INAPPROPRIATE web site in July. They promise no more raunchy music groups and songs being promoted by their employees. No more Lil’ John they promised, no more Wu-Tang, no more Used, no more drug-drenched My Chemical Romance, and no more Andre 3000 and Outkast.

Yesterday, September 17 was suppose to be the debut of the new and this time age-appropriate The 17th came and went and no new web site for Bus Radio.

Obligation believes that Bus Radio is delaying the web site while several large school districts are considering entering into contracts with the company. Bus Radio doesn’t need school board members getting upset with new trash on their site.

Earlier today, Bus Radio changed their roll out date to "later this week." The public has already been badly burned by Steve Shulman’s old Bus Radio web site. Let’s see what the marketing geniuses in Needham, Massachusetts come up with later this week.