New Web Site

September 19, 2007

"Chatterbox" is a feature on the new Bus Radio site that allows children to send out a message.

Bus Radio rolled out their new web site last night and it is completely different looking than the old one.

The company has evidently ended their past practice of having two sites – one for teens and one for younger children. Now there is only one site for all.

It will be difficult for the company to create and maintain a site that will attract young people that range from six-years-old to a high school senior. There are all sorts of land mines they have to avoid with children under the age of 13. Their past history says this company will make a mess of their efforts, but it will take time to see if anything has really fundamentally changed at Bus Radio.

Bus Radio’s two founders made an earlier fortune by putting advertising on book covers. By bringing advertising into the school house in a way it had never been done before, they made millions. (Their company was sold to Marvel Entertainment.) Now these two gentlemen want to bring advertising to school buses in a way no one would ever have imagined. Targeted ads to a captive audience of schoolchildren WITH THEIR SCHOOL BOARD’S PERMISSION.

These guys are marketing people. They are not bus safety people. When they say they are outraged at the terrible music being played on the radio for kids, they are using that to scare school board members into accepting their "free" offer.

Bus Radio has the potential to a huge money maker for the company and the two capital venture firms that are bankrolling the company.

Bus Radio’s first attempt at a web site for kids was an unmitigated disaster.

Now they have a new site.