America’s Next Top Model

October 11, 2007

Lots of skin, lots of profanity and even a murder photo shoot make this show outrageous.

Nothing is off-limits with America’s Next Top Model. Bus Radio wants your child to tune in.


From Jim Metrock:

Bus Radio has two DJs named Mat and Lucia.

They try their best to be cool and "with it" for their audience that ranges from children just out of kindergarten to high school seniors going off to college.

Bus Radio’s Two Buffoon DJs

DJs Mat and Lucia

Bus safety is now in THEIR hands?

They both come off as hacks that are selling kids whatever they are told to sell kids that day. If they could do anything else they would be doing it. Now these two clowns are a major part of a lot of children’s lives and that is not necessarily a good thing

What is of interest to these two DJs will be of interest to the children who are forced to listen them.

Children forced to listen to Bus Radio know that Lucia has a favorite TV show. She has told the children several times about this wonderful TV show. You see Lucia loves the raunchy show "America’s Next Top Model." Lucia is old enough to watch whatever she wants. She has refused to disclose her age on the Bus Radio web site but I have met Lucia and I would say she is in her early thirties.

For those who have never watched ANTM it is one of the worst shows in primetime. It is NOT for children, no matter what Bus Radio thinks, and the Parents Television Council says no one under 18 should be viewing the show. It is that offensive. But Lucia, the Bus Radio DJ, just can’t get enough of it so children will continue to hear about this TV show on their ride to and from school.

The school bus ride to and from school is now indoctrination time. It’s SELLING TIME. It’s whatever Bus Radio-wants-time.

Here is the PTC’s review of America’s Next Top Model:

Hear Bus Radio’s DJ interview with Mila who has just been voted off America’s Next Top Model. How many kids will decide to give this show a try because their favorite bus DJ says it is great? Lucia doesn’t care if impressionable children are listening to her, she loves the show and will continue to praise it (Another clip).

School boards that sign up for Bus Radio have done little to no research into the actual content of Bus Radio. The company makes this very hard for board members since they are so secretive about what music is being played for kids and about what is being advertised to kids.

Tell your school board that Bus Radio is not welcome in your community. Don’t give Bus Radio the green light. They don’t deserve it.