Your Bus Safety Is In THEIR Hands???

October 23, 2007

Bus Radio has two DJs – Mat and Lucia.

We have been unable to discover the identity of “Mat.” Bus Radio refuses to disclose the names of these two DJs who will be talking to schoolchildren for up to two hours each school day. We have found out that Lucia is Lucia xxxxxxx a part-time singer in Massachusetts. If anyone reading this knows the identity of “Mat” please send an email to Obligation.

Some school boards are rushing into agreements with Bus Radio without taking the time to think out how Bus Radio may negatively affect the safety of schoolchildren.

A school board that signs up for Bus Radio LOOKS likes they are doing something. They can tell the public they are trying to improve bus safety when it might be that they are decreasing bus safety.

Mat and Lucia, the two lovable buffoons on Bus Radio’s show will be yelling and screaming and telling jokes and pressing buttons that will make strange sounds on the radio show – all in an effort to get the undivided attention of the bus riders and the bus driver. The sound of Bus Radio has to be loud enough for the commercials to be heard by the bus riders. Bus Radio will be a certain distraction.

Contests on Bus Radio will be aimed at students AND bus drivers. School board member should at least see a possibility of disruption on school buses. What throws off many board members is Bus Radio’s sales literature. They say their radio and advertising gimmick will INCREASE bus safety. That is just PR backed up by nothing but a small and very controversial sampling of a handful of buses in Massachusetts.

If, heaven forbid, there is a school bus accident in your community, the first thing you should ask your school board member or Superintendent is, “Did that bus have the controversial Bus Radio on it?” If so, ask to see the minutes of the board meetings and see what school board members voted to experiment with Bus Radio. These people should not serving on a school board.

The better course is to call your school board members now and tell them that you don’t want Bus Radio anywhere near your community’s school buses and if there already is an agreement with Bus Radio, to end it immediately.