Denver Catholic Register

December 12, 2007

Some observations from this article:

  • Congratulations AGAIN to Mr. Kenny for informing more and more people about Bus Radio.
  • Bus Radio was forced on the bus drivers.
  • Mr. Kenny says until there was some publicity the drivers were told not to turn the sound down. No one is ever going to see a written requirement from Bus Radio saying a driver MUST play their program or that he or she MUST have the sound at a certain level, but that is the understanding between the school district and the company. The contract makes no sense otherwise. Advertisers are footing the bill. Advertisers have bought the attention of the young bus riders. They want their commercials heard. A school bus under the best of circumstances is noisy – especially the trip home. The DJs, music and ads must be loud enough so students don’t have to strain to hear. Anything less volume-wise and the advertisers are throwing their money away and they won’t do that long. There will be no money coming from advertisers to Bus Radio if drivers like Mr. Kenny are turning down the sound. Now, of course, after Bus Radio has become a hot issue, it is suddenly OK for drivers in Kenny’s district to adjust the sound. The reason is simple: the company wants Mr. Kenny to shut up. Bus Radio can morph into whatever it needs to be to survive. Right now the long-term survival rate for Bus Radio in Colorado is looking dicey.
  • Notice how Bus Radio is spying on the kids on the bus. THEY know how loud the volume is. THEY know how long the kids have been listening. This is just creepy.
  • People need to listen to Daniel Kenny. He is an actual bus driver. He has listened to Bus Radio’s program. Although the program he is hearing now has been cleaned up just for his district, when he says he has heard something, we all better be listening to him. Unfortunately we still have many school boards that are only listening to Bus Radio’s sales reps.
  • Richard Thompson says it well when he says parents need to attend to this issue. Parents cannot assume others will make correct educational decisions for their children. He says, “Parents need to be the primary educator of their children.” If well-intended school board members can fall for something as ugly and dumb and Bus Radio, then parents are needed more than ever in the educational process.
  • Daniel McKinney has a vested interest, on several levels, in knowing the content of Bus Radio’s program. As a driver, he might like to have a heads-up on what songs are going to be played or what has been played. As a school employee he has responsibility over the safety of his riders. There is ample evidence that Bus Radio’s program has the potential of being a disruptive influence on young bus riders. As a citizen who pays taxes he has a right to ask a school vendor about their product. So it is truly incredible for Bus Radio to ignore this man’s request for a playlist. Everybody in this country deserves the right to go to and view a daily playlist of songs and a list of advertisers. “Stop responding to his emails” ?? If this company gets tired of responding to bus drivers, then they have more trouble on their hands than they can imagine.