Aliens In America

December 20, 2007

Let’s learn a little about an obscure TV show called “Aliens in America.” Your children may never have heard of it, but if their school has signed a deal with Bus Radio, then Bus Radio’s DJs will do all they can to make this TV show one of your kid’s favorites. That’s how Bus Radio makes money.

A sample of the CW Network’s “Aliens in America” TV show

The content below was in the FIRST 5 minutes of ONE show.

As the show starts off, viewers hear a voice-over of Justin – a mild mannered kid coming to his first day at school. Justin tells us that the bullies at his school have listed HIM as the 10th most “bangable” girl in the school. (This is Bus Radio’s idea of a kid-friendly TV show.) Then Justin tells viewers that there’s a group of high school boys talking about who they “had sex with the night before.” (picture)
Justin is confronted by two bullies. They are telling him how
“hot” his sister is.
“If I was you, I would be doing her,” says one bully to Justin. They go on and on about how Justin should be having sex with his sister. They are serious, the bullies aren’t joking around.
The bullies talk about Justin’s sister’s breasts as the camera zeros in.
The two bullies get into a shoving match over who would “do” her if she was THEIR sister.
“I would SO do her if she was my sister.” “No, I would SO do her.”

More on Aliens in America:

From the Parents Television Council

Why have we posted this information about Aliens In America?

Yeah, you guessed it. Bus Radio actually plugged this raunchy show to little kids.

Listen closely as Bus Radio DJ Lucia xxxxxxx ┬átells kids to “check out” this sleazeball comedy.

Click here – Bus Radio plugs “Aliens in America” Click here