Simple Plan

January 10, 2008

No, this is NOT Bus Radio’s board of directors.


Simple Plan is a name of a French-Canadian pop-punk rock band.

They have put out only two albums. In 2002, their debut CD was entitled "No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls." Double meanings appear to be the bands forte, their second CD released in 2004 was "Still Not Getting Any…" which they laughed in interviews meant they weren’t getting any respect.

1st CD: No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls
2nd CD: Still Not Getting Any…

Children probably haven’t heard of this somewhat obscure band, but that will change.

You see Simple Plan has a problem and they need some help from… your child.

The band is releasing their third CD on February 12. Surprisingly, this time they are not using a title with a sexual connotation. It is simply called "Simple Plan."

It has been over three years since the band put out their last CD and that is an eternity in the music business. It has been over a year and a half since they have toured. They are on the verge of sliding into oblivion unless this new CD does well. That is where you child comes in.

Simple Plan needs NEW fans and record buyers. The younger the better – as long as they have some cash to plunk down for Simple Plan downloads and CDs.

Many parents may not like their children listening to a band like Simple Plan, but with Bus Radio parents have NO choice.

Whatever the people in Needham, Massachusetts want children to listen to, THAT is what children will listen to.


Simple Plan is being featured on Bus Radio in January to promote the February release of the above album.


Above: Bus Radio is not only pushing Simple Plan on their radio show but also on their web site. Bus Radio will do an interview with the band so they will be able to talk directly to young bus riders. "Don’t forget to tune in…"?? Kids riding a school bus DON’T TUNE IN. That’s part of the problem. Bus Radio’s show, featuring Simple Plan and other less than wholesome music groups, is turned on by the bus driver who is under pressure from the school to play nothing but Bus Radio. What Bus Radio executives mean to say is "Don’t forget to spend your allowance on the new Simple Plan CD."

Below is the cover of a Simple Plan music DVD. It has some nudity and profanity. The title "A Big Package For You" once again has a double meaning. "Package" is slang for male genitalia.