The Black Parade For Kids

January 31, 2008

A song from this CD "THE BLACK PARADE" was played for kids on Bus Radio.

Say it ain’t so, Bus Radio.

Today, Obligation discovered that the company has added a song from a another vulgar band to their playlist.

This week, children on buses playing the "Mat and Lucia Show" on Bus Radio were compelled to listen to "Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance.

Does the song have offensive lyrics – absolutely not. So what’s the problem, isn’t this another example of Bus Radio delivering nothing but "age-appropriate" music for kids?

Not quite.

There are various explanations on why the band named themselves My Chemical Romance, but virtually all sources agree it centers around the drug Ecstasy. The band members had a fondness for the "recreational" drug and when they saw a pornography book called "Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance" they had the name for their band.

This song is from a CD that has a Parental Advisory – Explicit Content label. Bus Radio’s producer knew this. Somebody or several people at Bus Radio really like this vile group because this is not the first time that the company has gotten in trouble pushing this band’s music on kids.

Bus Radio’s web site for children featured a disgusting article promoting the band last year. We forced Bus Radio to take it down, but you can see it below. This is what Bus Radio wants to do. Schools don’t have the time or the manpower to keep a constant check on this marketing company called Bus Radio.

Simply put: this is not a company you want around schoolchildren. Notice in this old Bus Radio article that they also tell kids about "Wu-Tang" concerts coming up last summer. (Type "Wu-Tang lyrics" in Google if you have the nerve.)