Revolving Door Spins At Channel One

February 4, 2008

Things continue to spiral downward for Channel One News.

The company quietly hired Angela Hunter a former Channel One producer and camera person to be their newest Senior Vice President. She will be the Executive Producer. (With so few people left at Channel One’s headquarters, the term "Senior Vice President" is more for future resumes than anything. Also, Channel One News doesn’t produce their show. They hire that out to NBC. It is a mystery what a Channel One News SVP, Executive Producer would do.)

Ms. Hunter replaces Kristy Schantz a former CNN and C-Span producer who had only been at Channel One since July 2006.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "Channel One has taken down their ‘Executive Bio’ web page, so the public can now only guess at who is still working for the company. We assume the departure of Ms. Schantz is related to Alloy Media and Marketing’s ongoing cost cutting efforts. Ms. Schantz had a solid resume before coming to C1N. Working for Channel One News was a huge step down for her. With Ms. Hunter, being hired by Channel One News appears to be a giant leap forward in her career, but alas she is being hired by a company that is struggling to survive."