Have They Lost Their Minds?

February 12, 2008

Listen to the clean song from an explicit-content CD by an explicit-content singer.

Oh no, again?

Bus Radio’s DJs are yet again pulling songs off of explicit content CDs to play to children.

Bus Radio appears to have a separate online radio broadcast that evidently is playing the same songs they play on school buses. Like much about this company, they are very secretive and have no information about the nature of the music they are playing on their web site.

One song kids are listening to on the Busradio.com site and one that appears to have been played on school buses is "Wind It Up" by Gwen Stefani. The song has no obvious explicit content, but it comes off an explicit-content CD called "The Sweet Escape."

Bus Radio is promoting an artist known for her graphic lyrics and known for her Parental Advisory-labeled CDs to young children riding their school bus.

This is wrong.

It has been done so many times by Bus Radio.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "This is the ugly reality of Bus Radio. There may be an artist that is known for his violent lyrics. His music may be filled with sexual content. He may be known for singing about killing cops. He may glorify the rape of women. Every one of his CDs may be filled with songs talking about the joy of taking drugs. His CDs may encourage binge drinking. If this artist has one ‘clean’ song on one CD, Bus Radio believes that they can play that ONE SONG and still claim to be playing ‘age-appropriate’ music for kids. This company takes us all for morons. They take transportation directors as morons. They take superintendents as morons. They take school board members as morons. Bus Radio thinks that by promoting only the clean or the cleaned-up songs of filthy artists that they should be showered with praise for protecting children. Hogwash. This company should be run out of town on a rail."