Bus Radio: The Official Explicit Artist Station For Children

March 15, 2008

XXX-musician T-Pain

Yeah! I’m on Bus Radio! Who’d ever think THAT would happen??

Hear for yourself. Bus Radio plays "Shawty Get Loose."


Bus Radio is your official "Explicit Artist" radio station. No, the kids don’t hear offensive words (those are blurred, bleeped, or removed), but they do hear artist after artist known for their explicit lyrics.

Children, with the help of Bus Radio, are being exposed, possibly for the first time, to artists like T-Pain. T-Pain is signed to the (surprise) Konvict Muzik recording label.

Currently, Bus Radio is playing a song called "Shawty Get Loose." It is by Lil Mama a singer who appears to have no Parental Warning on her CDs. But this song features a vile rapper named T-Pain and the more mainstream Chris Brown.

T-Pain gets a lot of air time in this song towards the latter part of the song.

You may know T-Pain from some of his earlier works. Remember, "I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper)"? Surely, you remember his first big hit which was a reworked version of Akon’s "Locked Up." T-Pain’s version was called "I’m F**** Up." (He is very clever with words.) T-Pain also had a big hit with "Buy U a Drank."

Rap singers today are often "featuring" other artists on their songs. Bus Radio should start paying attention to all the artists they are featuring on their program. Right now, Bus Radio is playing artists that would make parents faint dead away… if they knew.

T-Pain in the music video for the song heard on Bus Radio.