Hard Candy

April 10, 2008

Madonna is hot for BusRadio. Her song "4 Minutes" off this CD is being played for ALL children on the BusRadio website.


BusRadio says they are now playing their middle school version of their program on the BusRadio.com website. That’s a problem because elementary school students forced to listen to BusRadio on their school bus are told repeatedly to visit the website when they get home.

Therefore whatever is playing on the website is being aimed at elementary school kids. This flies in the face of BusRadio’s claim that they make different content for different age groups. It would have made more sense for the company to stream the elementary school version on their site. But if they did that then the older kids might miss their Madonna, Timbaland, Fergie and other edgy artists BusRadio is known for.

Below is a snapshot of BusRadio’s webcast.

From BusRadio’s March 3, 2008 press release:

"The Web stream includes an ever-changing rotation of the same musical content and original programming heard across the country on BusRadio’s middle school program. Web listeners will also hear favorite DJ segments, BusRadio’s most interesting and entertaining celebrity interviews, the same informative public service announcements featured every day on BusRadio’s national programming, as well as a new, Web-exclusive show hosted by DJ Chicken Wing of BusRadio’s Mat and Lucia show. BusRadio’s Web streaming adheres to the same strict standards as its daily bus programming. BusRadio editing standards far exceed those of commercial FM radio — by eliminating all inappropriate subject matter and lyrics from its broadcasts — while still playing songs that kids want to hear. All of BusRadio’s programming content is carefully reviewed by an internal content review board."

BusRadio of course can’t adhere to the "same strict standards as its daily bus programming" because they admit they are now playing "middle school" music for ANY child who visits their website.

Obligation believes BusRadio should list all the songs its plays on each version of its show and also list all the products and services advertised. Parents can then easily review the lists instead of being forced to listen to hours of the webcast and then still not know what was played on their child’s bus.