Dey Know Better

April 24, 2008

Vile rap singer Shawty Lo passed BusRadio’s rigid screening process. Many young people are getting their first taste of this artist as they listen to BusRadio got to and from school.


From Jim Metrock:

A new song is on BusRadio’s playlist and it’s another shocker.

The song is "Dey Know" by Shawty Lo, an Atlanta rapper known for his drugged-out, explicit, gangsta rap lyrics.


This is the CD that "Dey Know" comes from. This is the CD children will buy if they like the BusRadio-played song.


Add Shawty Lo to the long list of explicit-content artists that BusRadio has featured.

It is difficult for people who don’t listen to a lot of hip hop music to understand the meaning of the lyrics. Words and phrases can have several meanings. The people at BusRadio know what these songs are about and they play them anyhow. They hope parents and school administrators don’t find out about it. That is why BusRadio refuses to list the songs they play on their website. That would make it too easy for parents.

The lyrics for "Dey Know" are below. When you hear the audio clip from BusRadio, you’ll notice that BusRadio blanks out the word "Nigga" and "hoes." BusRadio thinks by doing that the song and the artist magically become "age-appropriate" – hogwash. BusRadio is dumping raw sewage on kids and BusRadio is making Big Time Money doing it.

Interestingly, BusRadio did not bleep out "Dope boys" and they didn’t bleep out "kush" which according to the Urban Dictionary means marijuana. (Shawty Lo’s reputation is based on drug usage. His one-year sentence to prison for drug possession gives him "street cred" with his young gangsta rap fans.)

Urban Dictionary (

1. Kush
A high grade strand of marijuana. As in… The kush was good.

2. Kush
Good to High quality Weed. As in… S***, that Kush was good…


Listen to the song for yourself: "Dey Know" on BusRadio (You’ll hear one song ending before BusRadio plays "Dey Know." This is the ending of Fergie’s "Clumsy" off her explicit content-stickered CD "The Dutchess." Children hear one explicit artist after another on BusRadio. Notice we didn’t say they heard one explicit song after another. BusRadio knows they can’t get away with that, but so far they have gotten away with injecting some of America’s most vile artists into children’s lives.)

Lyrics to "Dey Know" by Shawty Lo (CD: Units in the City)

[Chorus:] L O L O Dey Know Dey Know (Repeat 4 times)

[Verse 1:]

Shawty Lo I got flavor
Cuz you know the kid got paper
Like 40 don’t sava
BANKHEAD been pullin capas
The way you drop woulda thought I had a taser
Call me street like the raver?
Shawty Lo, A.T.L, I’m the MAYOR
Street Nigga but I can be tailored
Every now and then shawty might rock gators
Me and that kussssh I got acres
Yeahhh no more nosy xxx neighbors
Bigupp to all my HATERS

[Chorus: Repeat 4 times]

[Verse 2:]

Im the Man (PAUSE) and I know that
I got cash (PAUSE) I’m talkin throw back
100 grand (PAUSE) what’s that
I hit the club (PAUSE) and I blow that
all these hoes know Lo Dat
Im picture perfect made for Kodak
Let’s talk money
I got plenty

[Chorus: Repeat 4 times(twice)]

[Verse 3:]

Hey Hey Hey Hey how u doin it’s L O
’73 I’m the one in the middle
I don’t need B I can rock it achapello
No one but two all I needed was a skittle?
YeaHH now Im Geekd Screamin Yessir just like G
A-town fitted who but me
L O G know He know They Know I am


When this rap singer mentions money he is talking about drug money. When he talks about blowing $100,000 in a "club" he means a strip club. Kids who hear Shawty Lo played repeatedly on BusRadio may download other songs of his such as this drug song…


Lyrics to "Easily I Approach" by Shawty Lo

I’m da man round here capish,
Brown paper bag ol dope boy money,
Ol dope boy money,

I’m da man round here capish, small face hundred 94 money
Brown paper bag ol dope boy money,
Ol dope boy money

[Verse 1:]
Easily I approache the microphone ya da kids no joke,
Tell yo hoe to get offa my d***,
Hipnotize by this s***that I spit, ya
Slow flow new flavor in yo ear,
I used to swear mane talk was cheap,
Now I’m in it 20 thousand feet, daaamn
20 thousand to speak?
17 5 if you want a key,
Geta ten pack 17 a piece,
I’m da man round here capish,
Call me big bird like sessame street

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Shwaty whatchu doin, ain’t doin nothin
Cookin upa chicken cause the rent due (money)
55 hundred, dey know money,
Magic city money?, blowin money,
Body tap wednesday, still throwin money,
Units in tha city I’m a sole anotha hundred,
Small faced huned, 94 money,
Brown paper bag ol dope boy money,
Man I’m a stunna, nigga u’s a fronta,
Nigga u’s a bitch and u get it from yo mama,
Real brick runna, nigga on da conna,
On my grandmama got mo chickens than a farma,

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Early in da mornin, slippas and pajamas,
Gota get em ready cause them country boys is commin,
And I’ont belive in karmah, I belive in numbers,
Add mo zero’s, I need mo commas,
Back I tijauana, money close to water,
Can get em from the border, break em down in georgia,
17 5 make em where you can afford em,
Where yo peoples at tellem gon and place they order.


BusRadio knows the sleazy background of Shawty Lo. The Mat of The Mat and Lucia is Matthew Blades a drive-time DJ in Milwaukee. He knows the filthy background of Shawty Lo.

Shawty Lo made a big splash in his hometown of Atlanta when the group he was with D4L ("Down for Life") recorded a song called "Laffy Taffy." Like much of this music it is a dirty joke set to "music."

From Wikipedia article on the song "Laffy Taffy" Shawty Lo’s big hit with his group D4L
There has been some debate regarding the meaning of the phrase "Laffy Taffy". Many understand the term to mean a woman’s labia minora because of its resemblance to "stretched out taffy". It is a phrase commonly used by men who attend strip clubs. Women with larger labia minora lips are said to have "laffy taffy". The song’s music video is set in a strip club.


Urban Dictionary (

1. laffy taffy

(n)This is a slang term for the female genitalia– more specifically, the labia minora– so termed for it’s resemblance to stretched (pink) laffy taffy. Therefore, the term may also carry with it connotation of excessive sexual intercourse which can result in a stretched or elongated labia minora.

That ho had so much sex, when she spreads her legs, Willy Wonka himself would envy her Laffy Taffy.

That’s how this artist/thug got started and now, with the help of BusRadio, Shawty Lo is going to add thousands to his fan base.


BusRadio is playing Shawty Lo on their website for children of ALL ages.