Don’t Blame It On Allergies

June 4, 2008

BusRadio routinely posts YouTube videos on their site for kids. Here’s a snapshot of their latest video. This one shows off the explicit-lyrics artist Fergie when she appeared on the Today Show. Of course, she didn’t sing a song containing profanity or alcohol references but this song is from a CD with a Parental Advisory – Explicit Content warning. She sings "Clumsy" from the "The Dutchess" CD. This is the same song BusRadio has played on their school bus show.

The DJs at BusRadio love Fergie. They can’t play her music enough. The BusRadio DJs have even had a contest that required young people to sing a Fergie song before they could win prizes.

We don’t think it’s allergies that is causing all the problems at BusRadio. We think this company started out with very little common sense.

Fergie Contest Audio Clip

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