BusRadio Advertising Assault Will Commence Soon

July 25, 2008

BusRadio has presented so many different faces to the public that it is understandable for people to get confused about the nature of the company.

The bottom line: BusRadio was created so the founders and the venture capitalists who have propped them up with millions of dollars will get rich making kids listen to advertising.

The advertisers will be chosen by the executives at BusRadio. They will decide what children down to AGE SIX will hear advertised OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. When BusRadio wanted to push the envelope and advertise a very age-inappropriate TV show for young people, they did it. They didn’t have to ask anybody. Check out the ad/interview BusRadio did to promote Aliens In America.

This press release shows BusRadio is getting geared up for adding more advertisers. They have had very few since they started. That made sense because fewer advertisers made it easier to sign up schools. Once schools are signed up it will be harder for them to get rid of BusRadio when the real advertising assault begins.


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Wesley Eberle

BusRadio Receives Arbitron Verification of Audience Measurement Methodology

BusRadio rolls out Average Five Minute Audience Delivery (AFMAD) methodology

Boston – July 8, 2008 – BusRadio, a national radio network that reaches over one million young people ages 6 to 18 in 26 states across America, today announced that Arbitron, the radio industry’s leading authority on audience ratings, has verified BusRadio’s audience measurement methodology.

Average Five Minute Audience Delivery (AFMAD), measures the average number of students that can be expected to be listening to BusRadio during any five-minute segment in a daypart, defined as the entire bus trip to school in the morning or from school in the evening.

Arbitron also verified a compliance rate (turn on) of 99.1% across the BusRadio Network. Using numbers and factors such as absenteeism and after school activities Arbitron confirmed the rider numbers provided by federal funding guidelines and school districts are a valid representation of bussed students.

"BusRadio’s sponsors, and non-profit partners can now be provided with an Arbitron-verified calculation of the number of listeners reached," said Michael Yanoff, co-founder and CEO of BusRadio.

BusRadio is a unique media platform and thus the application of traditional methods to measure audience exposures to BusRadio has some limitations. The AFMAD calculation takes the school bus listening situation into account.

"Radio is a leading out of home medium and BusRadio is working to extend radio’s on-the-go reach," said Neal Bonner, Director, Custom Research and New Product Development, Arbitron Inc. "After completing a review of its media model, Arbitron supports the methodology, calculations and formulas BusRadio is utilizing to calculate Average Five Minute Audience Delivery."

"This study will give clients, out of home agencies and broadcast media departments audience verification from a credible source. Through our digital technology we will be able to provide data that allows us to guarantee compliance numbers to our advertisers" said Les Hollander, EVP Sales BusRadio.

BusRadio differs from AM/FM in other profound ways as well. Founded as an alternative to the commercial FM radio content being played on more than half the school buses in the country, BusRadio provides schools with a safer, age-appropriate alternative and parents with the peace of mind that their children are not being exposed to inappropriate lyrics and inappropriate advertising content found on commercial radio. Unlike commercial FM radio, BusRadio content is separated into three age-specific daily programs for elementary, middle and high school children. BusRadio content is edited for language and subject matter – standards unparalleled on the FM dial.

About Arbitron

Arbitron Inc. is a media and marketing research firm serving radio broadcasters, cable companies, advertisers, advertising agencies and outdoor advertising companies. Arbitron’s core businesses are measuring network and local market radio audiences across the United States; surveying the retail, media and product patterns of local market consumers; and providing application software used for analyzing media audience and marketing information data. The Company has developed the Portable People MeterTM, a new technology for media and marketing research.

Through its Scarborough Research joint venture with The Nielsen Company, Arbitron also provides media and marketing research services to the broadcast television, newspaper and online industries.

Arbitron’s marketing and business units are supported by its research and technology organization, located in Columbia, Maryland. Its executive offices are located in New York City.

About BusRadio

BusRadio is a national radio network that brings age-appropriate music, original programming, and public service messages to more than 1 million listeners between the ages of 6 and 18 every weekday during their daily bus ride. BusRadio reaches more than 10,000 buses in 120 school districts in 24 states. BusRadio is the fastest growing national media network in the youth music space, a better alternative to inappropriate FM radio programming, and a vital safety partner with school districts across America. BusRadio provides a safer bus ride for students by providing school districts with valuable safety features that help minimize driver distractions, and keep students seated, well-behaved and occupied in a positive way. BusRadio’s technology features GPS, driver panic buttons tied directly to local emergency services, and internal and external PA systems on every bus. Visit www.busradio.net for more information and to listen to BusRadio programming. BusRadio listeners visit www.busradio.com to listen to BusRadio on the Web, request their favorite songs, and learn more about their favorite artists.

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