Struggling Channel One Delays Season One Week

July 25, 2008


Everything is slow and lazy at Channel One News this summer. Hannah Van Winkle and her Channel One Summer Show are still missing. Channel One’s feeble attempt to use Ms. Van Winkle to update young people on currents throughout the summer has been a complete disaster – just like last summer. Instead of updating the news several times a day with a video news reports (which would be easy to do on the site) Channel One is updating the news once every week or two.

Channel One has historically kicked off their broadcast year the second week of August. That would be August 11 this year. Channel One however has announced they are moving back their first show to August 18. This saves them money just like their decision to end their school year this past June one week earlier than normal.

Obligation is pleased with these decisions. The fewer commercials in classrooms the better.