jb1 and david123

August 1, 2008

From Jim Metrock:

BusRadio allows children and anybody else (if they want to misrepresent their age) to become a member of BusRadio.com. I became a member and have been a member in good standing for months. I’m 58.

Here are two other members of BusRadio.com who live in Texas. Let’s hope they don’t meet.

BusRadio would be wise to shutdown its membership area. Although the company has rules about giving out personal information, BusRadio has a history of not paying close attention to their website. After all, it was OBLIGATION that discovered this profile of a 28-year-old male on THEIR site. No one from BusRadio was concerned about it. We don’t know if this member is telling the truth about his age. What we do know for sure is that BusRadio employees in charge of this membership area are not too concerned about monitoring the site.