Prescription Drug Ads ARE BACK

August 16, 2008

We regret to say that we were premature in saying Channel One News had stopped advertising prescription drugs to children.

As you can see, two days after our August 12 article an ad for the prescription drug BenzaClin was back on Channel One’s web site. The ad is on the right of the page below. Channel One has allowed this ad to very deceptive. There is no "advertisement" labeling above the "" banner. If Channel One told kids it was an ad that was going to take them off the Channel One web site straight to the drug company’s site, then many kids might not click on it. And Channel One executives desperately NEED kids to click on this ad. The drug company will know how many young people come to their web site from The more that come then the greater the chance that the drug company will continue to pay Channel One.

It is not even September and it appears Channel One is going to play hardball with kids this school season.