One Block Radius

August 21, 2008

A new act has been added to BusRadio’s playlist and it won’t make parents feel any better about BusRadio.

The new school year has just begun and bus riders have already been introduced to One Block Radius. This is an "alternative hip-hop" group that has a reputation for explicit lyrics. Their music celebrates the "partying" lifestyle. Currently, BusRadio is playing their song "You Got Me" which of course has no offensive content. BusRadio’s policy is to play only "clean" or cleaned-up songs from groups known for their explicit content. In this way, BusRadio can technically say they are playing "age-appropriate" songs as they promote some of the raunchy acts in music to young school bus riders.

On their song "Purple and Orange" one member of One Block Radius yells out, "Hey Do you sugar boys want to drink some cisco tonight?" Cisco is a brand name of a "low-end, fortified" wine. Its meaning in songs has taken on a broader meaning which includes any cheap, high-alcoholic content wine. "Cisco" is drunk by homeless people and college students for quick inebriation. The alcohol content of the brand Cisco can range from 17.5% to 19.5% alcohol by volume. This is powerful stuff. (Beer is usually about 4.0 to 6.0%.)

Why would BusRadio start off the school year with a group whose music encourages young people to drink such a product or to drink alcohol at all? It’s because the same people who have made terrible decisions about what is played on BusRadio are still at the company. These people feel they have to push the envelope with kids or the bus riders will think they are too "Radio Disney."

One of the more common words one hears on One Block Radius songs is "M*****f*****." This word (and its variations) seems to be very important to this band’s artistic mission. Of course, the song BusRadio is airing now has no curse words. Students however will hear the real One Block Radius when they buy their CDs or download their music. After all that is the point. One Block Radius is being played on BusRadio now in August because their new CD comes out on September 16. The new album will contain explicit content like their debut album "Long Story Short."

This is the cover of the group’s last CD. BusRadio might try to defend their decision by saying their CD has no "Parental Advisory -Explicit Content" label on it. This label, however, is VOLUNTARY, and One Block Radius has obviously chosen to have no warning labels.


Any parent can do what BusRadio didn’t do and that is visit iTunes and check out One Block Radius. warns potential buyers of the explicit content.


BusRadio replays their bus music on their website. Here is proof that One Block Radius is yet another offensive music act that meets BusRadio’s truly low standards.