A Graphic Example Of The Sleaze Advertised By BusRadio

September 3, 2008

From Jim Metrock:

Last night I watched some of the two-hour premiere of 90210. The show is filth.

When BusRadio executives agreed to promote this program to American young people, they knew, or should have known, they were doing a very bad thing.


In the FIRST FIVE MINUTES of the show advertised by BusRadio, the following scene takes place:

Annie is a teenager who has just moved from Kansas to Beverly Hills.
On her first day at her new upscale Beverly Hills high school she is looking for Ethan a boy she knew from a previous summer visit.
She finds him.
He is behind the wheel of a car in the school parking lot. He sees her too. He has a strange facial expression.
Annie stops dead in her tracks on the sidewalk. A girl lifts her head from the Ethan’s crotch.
The girl in the car looks at Annie as Annie walks away in shock.

Above: Pictures taken from the BusRadio-advertised 90210 program (September 2, 2008)

It is now September 3, the day after this sleazy show aired. It has been twenty-four hours since the scene above was seen on TV. Surely BusRadio employees were watching this show since they had so heavily advertised it for weeks on their website. One would think BusRadio would remove all ads for the show from their website after seeing just this one scene above (by the way there was much more offensive content than just this one scene). Yet they still have ads for the show on their web site. That is just mean and insensitive.

Here is what is still on the BusRadio.com web site:

Above: BusRadio continues to advertise the sleazy 90210 even after the shocking premiere. Kids can click on the video at the bottom to see a sexy teaser for the show.


Call up your school superintendent and tell him or her that you never want BusRadio in your school district.