September 10, 2008



Today the South Carolina State Board of Education voted to ban all advertising, including BusRadio’s advertising, from all state school buses.

It wasn’t even close… 13-2.

This is a potentially fatal blow to BusRadio’s national plans to become a major advertising presence in young people’s lives. Other states will take note of South Carolina’s step to protect its children and will consider similar action.



Obligation is assuming BusRadio and their lobbying firm of Tompkins, Kinard & Associates will continue to try to get legislation passed that will allow targeted radio ads to be heard on state buses. The legislature could pass a bill that overrules the State Board’s decision today. While that will be very difficult to do and will require a lot of money to influence legislators, we know BusRadio will not easily walk away from all the money they were expecting to make off South Carolina school kids.

We will continue to send information to South Carolina legislators, newspaper editorial boards, and education reporters. Obligation will also continue to send information about BusRadio to local PTAs and PTOs.

The next likely battleground states will be Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, California, and Georgia. Once the public finds out about BusRadio, the company is doomed.

Congratulations to the Great State of South Carolina for taking an action that will benefit children far outside its own borders.

That makes two states that have outlawed BusRadio: South Carolina and New York.