September 29, 2008

From Jim Metrock:

BusRadio’s "Top Requests" web page gives me a lot to think about.

Below I have several sections of their top 100 song requests. I clicked "All" to show all the songs requested no matter the age. I noticed that some songs have pictures of the artist and some don’t. I noticed that some songs can be rated by children "Hot" or "Not" and some cannot be rated. Some have comments, some do not. Some songs have an "X" beside the song title.




BusRadio says the "X" by a song means it has "inappropriate content" and that it will not be heard on their radio show.



But just a moment. What is BusRadio telling us about the other songs? The song "My Life" by the Game has an abundance of explicit content. [ "Punk ass mothaf**ka, get your ass up, What chu was goin do? kill me in my sleep you bitch ass nigga? Tupac, Biggie! shut the f**k up! f**king dogs barking and s***" ]

I could assume that BusRadio doesn’t have an "X" by this song because they have "cleaned it up." I don’t know how you clean up a song like that, but BusRadio has tried it before.


Look at this:

Why is BusRadio even listing these foul songs on their children’s website? Putting an "X" by these songs will only entice some kids to listen to these "forbidden" songs. This is another example of recklessness by BusRadio.

One song BusRadio lists for kids is Lil Wayne’s "Lollipop." Is there any adult at BusRadio that has half a brain? You don’t highlight this type of song for children or teens. This is utter garbage. [From BusRadio’s #5 most requested song "Lollipop": "She, she lick me like a lollipop (Oh yeah I like that)… But Man I ain’t never seen an ass like hers, that p**** in my mouth had me loss for words… In the middle of the bed, give and gettin’ head"]

BusRadio lists this song, names the artist and then thinks putting an "X" beside it is OK. It is not OK. BusRadio wants children down to SIX YEARS of age to come to their website. Few parents would ever allow their son or daughter to visit Busradio.com.


Below we see that #61 is a sweet little song by Miley Cyrus. BusRadio wants parents to think "Miley Cyrus" when they think of BusRadio. But #62 is Kevin Rudolf and "Let It Rock." ["Mechanic, me, I can fix you up, I can f*** you up, I can f*** you down"] There is no "X" beside this song. So by BusRadio’s own words this means that there is no "inappropriate content" in the song. That doesn’t make sense.

An "X" means bad content and that BusRadio will not play that song. I assume this means they will not play ANY version of a song with an "X." I think that is a safe assumption since there are some very filthy songs on this list without an "X."

Also, I cannot assume that a lack of an "X" means BusRadio WILL play the song. All we know is the song is one of the top 100 songs young people have requested BusRadio play.

That said, there is a judgment call being made by BusRadio when they assign or don’t assign an "X."

The only thing that makes sense to me is "no X" means BusRadio has played or reserves the right to play a "cleaned up" version of the song. That makes sense given BusRadio’s bizarre history of playing "clean" songs by "dirty" artists.




Notice the Nickelback song "Rockstar." This song has several drug references. ["Everybody has a drug dealer on speed dial."] This song normalizes drug use. It makes drug use funny. What parent wants their child singing along with this song? There is a green "Download" button on this song. When a young person clicks it, he or she is instantly transported away from BusRadio.com to Apple’s iTunes store and to the very page where they can buy this song. The version offered to kids has nothing bleeped out. I checked it.

While I’m talking about the downloads being promoted by BusRadio, let’s look at #79.

My Chemical Romance is an explicit group that BusRadio has always helped plug to kids. This song not only doesn’t have an "X" it has a download button. Clicking the button takes you here:

How stupid can BusRadio be?

Let me sum it up. BusRadio has listed the top 100 songs requested by young people who listen to BusRadio’s "Mat and Lucia Show." BusRadio has indicated with an "X" which of these 100 songs they will not play. This list confirms Obligation’s concerns about the age-inappropriate artists that are being played on BusRadio.

One more screenshot:


Pink’s CDs have parental warning labels. I will leave it to the reader to check out the other artists and songs listed here. This screenshot of BusRadio’s "Top Requests" is a little different from the others in this article. This one, you may notice, is from the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL list.


Note: BusRadio will change their "Top Requests" page immediately after Obligation posts this article. If you go to their site, you probably won’t see much of what we have documented here. That will be a good thing. Obligation is constantly forcing BusRadio to be more sensitive to children.

It is important however that the public can see what BusRadio does when they think no adults are watching. That is why we have saved screenshots of BusRadio’s Request pages. T

You can view BusRadio’s "Top Requests" as of September 29, 2008 at the links below. These are PDFs and can be printed out and passed around at PTA/PTO meetings or school board meetings.

BusRadio’s Top Requests page 1
BusRadio’s Top Requests page 2
BusRadio’s Top Requests page 3
BusRadio’s Top Requests page 4
BusRadio’s Top Requests page 5
BusRadio’s Top Requests page 6
BusRadio’s Top Requests page 7
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