Channel One News Keeps Plugging Teen Drinking Show

September 30, 2008

Tonight’s 90210 has more teen drinking scenes. We have asked Channel One News and specifically Dr. Paul Folkemer, VP of Education, to end all advertising for TV shows and movies that encourage and promote underage drinking.

Dr. Folkemer refuses to respond to our pleas, so we have put some words in his mouth. Dr. Folkemer, when he is not approving advertising for teen drinking movies and TV shows is, ironically, the Chairman of the Board for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. MADD evidently has no problem with Dr. Folkemer’s day job, but a lot of parents might.



Subject: Another teen drinking show?
Date: September 12, 2008 8:39:39 PM CDT

Dr. Folkemer

Last week I asked you and Channel One to remove the ads for Nick & Norah, a movie heavy with underage drinking. You not only kept the Nick & Norah ads and contest, but now you are pitching 90210 to kids.

You added 90210 a week after the show made national news about the in-car oral sex scene and the large quantity of teen drinking. You knew the content of this show. Mr. Haehl knew the content. Both of you turned your back on your responsibility to the teens and preteens that are influenced by your show and website. You have broken trust with their parents and the educators you claim to serve.

If advertising TV shows and movies that normalize teen drinking is an acceptable practice for you, then where is the line? Is there anything that Alloy will ask you to do that you won’t do?

I’ll try one more time: Dr. Folkemer, Mr. Haehl, stop advertising entertainment that will undermine the efforts of parents and schools to curtail underage drinking.

Stop it.

Jim Metrock
Obligation, Inc.