Advertiser “Takes Over” BusRadio

October 4, 2008

Above: “Star Wars Takes Over BusRadio” reads what appears to be a story on This is of course an advertisement, but BusRadio doesn’t inform children of that fact. Advertising on is usually like this one. It is deceptive advertising. Below this promo is a banner ad (“For every deception, a villain”) for the same Cartoon Network TV series. It also should be labeled an “advertisement.”

This type of advertising assault is what BusRadio is all about. The idea that an advertiser, the Cartoon Network in this case, can “take over” BusRadio for an entire day is revolting. This is why school districts from Massachusetts to California have rejected BusRadio. has become a hyper-commercial website. This is what school boards have been warned about.

Below: When kids click on the “Check It Out!” they go to a long page of Star Wars: The Clone Wars advertising. We are only showing a small portion of the page. Notice that Lucia, one of the two BusRadio DJs, is actively involved in pitching this TV show to children. This is a sad situation because Ms. xxxxxxx has worked hard to gain the trust of children forced to hear her on the “Mat and Lucia Show.” She then breaks that trust and manipulates these same children to benefit her advertisers. Lucia xxxxxxx’s main job, along with everyone else at BusRadio, is to get kids to pay attention to all the ads on the BusRadio show on their school bus and on their website. No parent should want this company near their child.