BusRadio Still Plugging Raunchy 90210

October 13, 2008

BusRadio is still advertising the adult-themed TV show 90210. Weeks after major critics expressed shock at the show’s extreme sexual content and reoccurring scenes of teens drinking, BusRadio has refused to take their 90210 ads off their children’s website.

Below is a screenshot of BusRadio’s 90210 page as of October 13, 2008. They are urging children to watch the September 2nd premiere of the sleazy program. BusRadio can claim that they have stopped advertising the show because they haven’t updated their ad, but the effect is the same. They are driving teens and preteens and elementary schoolchildren to the CW Network’s 90210. The outrageous promotional video for the show still works on the BusRadio site (you see it at the bottom).

The few remaining supporters of BusRadio are finding it more and more difficult to defend the company.

BusRadio is simply age-inappropriate.

Over the summer, months before the show premiered, BusRadio knew or should have known that Hollywood was abuzz with the news that 90210 was going to be raunchy and edgy. BusRadio knew this would be age-inappropriate for ALL its riders – even for seniors. (No parent or educator wants to intentionally promote teen drinking and drug use.) But BusRadio couldn’t turn down the ad money. They NEEDED the money. The capital venture firms betting on BusRadio’s quick success are now wanting to see ad revenue come IN, instead of cash go OUT. They apparently don’t care where the ad revenue comes from. Parents do.

We know BusRadio checks out our site every day. Hey, BusRadio,isn’t it time to stop dumping this 90210 toxic waste on children? Take down these ads now. Surely you have made enough money off this sleaze. Heaven help us all when you guys decide to advertise another TV show.