“Check it out tonight when you get home.”

December 4, 2008

All students subjected to BusRadio programming are told REPEATEDLY by BusRadio employees to go to BusRadio.com when they get home. This message is pounded into the young bus riders no matter what their age.

BusRadio has only one website for young people. High school students and first graders are told to go to the same site. How can they make a single website appropriate and appealing for that range of ages? They can’t.

Common sense will tell anyone that BusRadio.com is not age appropriate for elementary school students. If it was, then middle school and high school students wouldn’t be caught dead visiting the site. A ninth grader doesn’t want to read content aimed at a second grader.

To judge how inappropriate BusRadio.com has been since the company started just click on the list of our articles and work your way up from the bottom (June 2006 to present).



The first 15 seconds of today’s afternoon BusRadio show for elementary schoolchildren. 12/04/08