December 24, 2008


From Jim Metrock:

BusRadio is introducing horoscopes to bus riders.

Many parents will find this disagreeable for various reasons.

Personally I don’t believe in horoscopes. Obviously the people at BusRadio do. (The DJ does not inform students that BusRadio horoscopes are for entertainment purposes.) While I think it is absurd to think we can tell the future based on the date of one’s birth, I respect the right of BusRadio employees to think otherwise. What I don’t respect is the fact that BusRadio is forcing this "fortune telling" gimmick on a captive audience of bus riders.

Young people are asked by the DJs to call into BusRadio and give their date of birth and then a BusRadio employee will read their horoscope to them. A lot of bus riders may be confused by this new addition to BusRadio programming.

Listen for yourself to a "scope" given to a bus rider right on the Monday before Christmas.

AUDIO FILE: BusRadio’s new horoscope feature.

BTW The "instant request" that comes after the horoscope is another song by an explicit artist – this time it’s P. Diddy. This is a cleaned up version of a dirty song off the CD "Press Play." As we head to 2009, it appears nothing is changing at BusRadio.