Channel One No Longer Telling Parents What Is Being Advertised

January 13, 2009

In the white space above Channel One listed the advertisers on that day’s show.


Channel One News used to list the advertisers on its daily TV show on Parents could go there and watch a webcast of the entire daily show with included the commercials or if they didn’t want to watch the whole show they could simply read who the advertisers were.

Channel One is no longer doing this. They have gone back to cutting out the commercials from the webcast and they are no longer listing advertisers.

This is not a good sign for parents. They are hiding their advertisers for a reason.

As the economy keeps sinking and advertising dollars become more scarce, Channel One will sign up companies they never would have accepted in better days. If your child’s school is one of the few remaining ones that are still showing Channel One, it’s time for you to demand it be removed from your school. If Channel One News doesn’t care enough about parents to tell them what they are pitching to their kids, then parents shouldn’t want this company in their community.