Seether Will Leave Parents Seething With Anger

January 14, 2009

BusRadio promoted the above album today. They played the third song. Hear for yourself: AUDIO FILE

Today BusRadio played on its high school program a song called "Breakdown" by a vile group called Seether. BusRadio would defend their decision by saying there were no bad words in this song – and there weren’t any. This is the same old game BusRadio has been playing since it got started in 2006. BusRadio evidently will continue to promote vile and vulgar artists on its radio show by playing the "nicer" songs of these explicit artists.

The students who heard Seether for the first time today on BusRadio will check out the group online. They will download the album this song came from or maybe just one or two songs. They might check out the lyrics. Students will hear this song many times on BusRadio. The song will grow on them. That’s the power of having a captive audience.

We are not going to post the lyrics of this band. It is easy for parents and educators to type "Seether lyrics" into Google.
However we will give you an idea of this BusRadio-approved group by sharing the meaning of the song that comes right after "Breakdown." "FMLYHM" stands for "F*** Me Like You Hate Me." BusRadio knew all about this filthy South African band and they knew this group has a fascination with hate. By "hate" we mean hate. It doesn’t make much sense but this band’s message over and over again centers on hate and hating.

The audio clip we supplied above is provided just for proof that BusRadio did indeed play this group for bus riders. At the end of the clip you hear the line: So break me down if it makes you feel right,
And hate me now if it keeps you alright.

Seether’s first CD was called Disclaimer and the cover is below. This is one sick band. Think of the young people who were FORCED to listen to this band’s music on their bus ride to school this morning. Where are the parents who will stand up and demand BusRadio be removed from all their school buses? What else does BusRadio need to do to motivate you to take action?