Lucia Leaves

January 27, 2009


DJ Lucia has left BusRadio.

The Mat and Lucia Show is no more.

Lucia has left the building. We have confirmation of Lucia Nxxxxxx’s departure from BusRadio.

We don’t know what happened, but we knew she had not been on BusRadio’s broadcasts for weeks. Children still hear her voice on some old taped public service announcements but she is long gone. She is now living near Los Angeles.

Was she asked to leave? Did she quit? Is BusRadio running out of money and shrinking their workforce? Or did Ms. Nxxxxxx leave for an opportunity to advance her singing career? She is a talented singer but she did not help her standing with the public by working at the controversial BusRadio.

One show this week began with an announcement that the "new and improved BusRadio" will have more music and less talk. That’s a good way to cover up the fact that your company has lost half of their DJ team.

This could be a tough year for BusRadio.