Channel One Says, “F. U.” To Kids

January 30, 2009

From Jim Metrock:

"F. U."?

You can almost hear Channel One’s remaining executives explaining that there is nothing offensive about the use of these initials on the Channel One News web site.

I can hear Channel One’s VP Dr. Paul Folkemer laughing, saying, "Metrock, you have a dirty mind. We are just advertising a sex comedy to children. That’s all we are doing."

Maybe Channel One’s CEO Kent Haehl would say, "Hey, we are in the ad business. We are simply advertising a movie called ‘Fired Up’ and the movie studio is using the initials to gain the attention of kids. There’s no crime here. And let’s be honest, even if kids take this for the vulgarity it is often associated with, they have heard obscene words and phrases before. Kids are pretty sophisticated when it comes to vulgarity. At least that’s what we think at Channel One News."

Maybe they wouldn’t say these things, but they should be made to say something.

Channel One is now advertising the hard-PG13 movie "Fired Up" up to teens, preteens, and even younger children on their official web site

Here’s a news flash: Channel One’s executives are jerks. They make a lot of money. They dress real nice. They are presentable. They are polite people with good manners, but when it comes to respecting other people’s children they are supreme jerks. Sorry, I can’t sugarcoat my feelings about these people. I think I am actually being too easy on them.

I wouldn’t give a nickel for the lot of them, and there aren’t a "lot" of them left.

The video commercial on the web site (and we would not be surprised if this sex comedy is being advertised on Channel One News in the classroom – remember C1N has blackout all ads from their webcast replay of the daily show) shows some provocative shots from the movie and then displays a "F" and a "U" then quickly fills in (in smaller sized letters) "ired" and "p !" spelling out the name of the movie.

Channel One’s Haehl and Folkemer know what the ad is doing. They are just having a little dirty fun with other people’s children and making a buck while they are at it. This is shameful business, but I imagine Kent Haehl and Dr. Paul Folkemer are laughing all the way to the bank.

Channel One never provides young people with the reasons behind the movie rating. Now that C1N has started advertising PG13 movies to kids (breaking their own policy established in 2000), they are flooding young people with numerous ads for movies that contain large amounts of sexual content and drinking and drug references.

Notice the reasons for the PG13 rating. I added this rating information from the movie’s web site. You would think if Channel One News was going to advertise this apparently filthy movie to kids, they would at least mention the reasons for the rating. The "teen partying" means the movie shows underage drinking and maybe drug use. Dr. Paul Folkemer is not only a VP at Channel One but on the board of MADD. You would think he wouldn’t want to be promoting a movie that glorifies "teen partying."

I was taken by the word "throughout" which I don’t remember seeing in a MPAA movie rating before. "Crude and sexual content throughout. Partial nudity. Language and some teen partying."

You would think Haehl and Folkemer would look at that rating and think to themselves, "Gee, this isn’t just a little bit of naughty stuff for kids, but evidently a continuous amount of crude and sexual content. Golly, maybe we should pass on advertising this movie?" If these two Channel One gentlemen did have anything like these thoughts they obviously answered their own question with, "Naaaah."

Parents, educators, school superintendents, and school board members should all say "Naaaah" to Channel One News.

If children want to take the Super Bowl quiz on they will see a video ad on the right that comes one without any action on their part. Every aspect of Channel One’s web site is commercialized. Children on this site are commercially mugged on every page. They are commercially assaulted from the moment they sign on to to moment they leave it.

A brief clip of the two nude male cheerleaders is seen on Channel One’s web site but it happens so quickly it is difficult for us to capture. This is from the regular trailer for the movie. The movie is a sex comedy about two high school football players who decide to skip football camp for cheerleading camp where they can "score" with lots of girls. Channel One News gave its seal of approval to this movie for kids of all ages, since all ages go to its web site.