Kid Kash

January 30, 2009

This is a video on BusRadio’s web site. We believe Bryant James is the nerdy guy that was known as DJ Chickenwing on BusRadio. He looks like DJ Chickenwing and it is odd that Chickenwing has disappeared but now "Bryant James" is an "exclusive" artist on BusRadio. We have email Mr. James asking him if he was that DJ on BusRadio. We’ll post his reply.

Flashing cash in front of children like this is just distasteful. Having a wad of cash has a gangsta rap feel. You can watch the video and we have the transcript below. The video will disappear fairly soon not only because it is a Valentine’s Day contest but BusRadio won’t want parents to see this. We have taken several pictures of the video to document it.



What’s up, guys, this is Bryant James and you can win $500 cash of my money. (Cash register sound)

All you got to do is go to and click my icon.

Type in your name, your age, and your phone number and you could win $500 cash of MY money. (James pump fisting the roll of cash to emphasize that it is HIS money.)

MY MONEY, ya’ll !

I’m on personally checking all these entries, so I want to see your name.

Remember, $500 cash (James picks up wad of cash again and holds it up for kids) could be yours if you check out and click Bryant James.



Even elementary school students would find this guy laughable. However, they would be fascinated by the chance to win $500 cash. There are few opportunities for a school vendor to offer children anything much less cold hard cash.

Although this nerdy, "hip" wannabe rock star tells kids that it is "MY MONEY" he is giving away, he is telling a lie. Few children will read the fine print of this contest which states the money is BusRadio’s money – the company is the sponsor, not Bryant James. Does that make a difference? Maybe. After all, why did BusRadio write this script like they did? They evidently thought that more children would enter if they were actually getting this singer’s actual cash that came from his wallet.

Bryant James, holding up $500 with a rubber band around it, may be looking at the most money he’ll ever see during his musical career.