One Afternoon On The High School Bus

January 31, 2009

Here is BusRadio’s content for their High School afternoon program on Friday, January 31, 2009:

As students get on the bus for the ride home they will hear these songs and advertisements in this order. The last student off the bus may hear all the songs from Akon to the Black Eyed Peas. All students, most certainly, will understand that the unknown artist Bryant James has some financial arrangement with BusRadio.

Students are reminded that 877-MyBusDJ is 877-692-8737.
Song #1: Right Now (I Want To Make Love Right Now) by Akon (Explicit Content Artist) This song is NOT from an explicit content CD.
Promo for Bryant James $500 Cash Giveaway
Song #2 Miss Independent by Ne-Yo (Explicit Content Artist)
Self-promotion: “BusRadio online at!”
Song #3 Thinking Of You by Katy Perry (Not an explicit content artist, but her big hit was the “I Kissed A Girl.”)
Second advertisement for Bryant James contest
Song #4 Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy
Third promotion of BusRadio’s Bryant James. Listen to Mathew Blades, the BR DJ wondering if Bryant James’ song will be Number One. He then reminds kids again about the Bryant James contest. Most of the songs in the top five are by artists well known for their explicit lyrics.
Song #5 Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyonce featuring Jay-Z
Fourth promotion of BusRadio’s “exclusive artist” Bryant James. Do you think this student request was set up by BusRadio? The caller almost laughs as he requests this song. The DJ again tells listeners to enter the contest online.
Song #6 Surprise! It’s Superlove by Bryant James.
Song #7 Baby Don’t Go with blanked out lyrics by T-Pain featuring Fabolous. This song promotes and glorifies drinking.
Brief mention of BusRadio.
Song #8 Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? by The Offspring (Explicit Content Artist) from the CD Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace (Explicit Lyrics warning sticker)
Public Service Announcement: Don’t illegally download music.
Song #9 Decode by Paramore
Song #10 “New Music” Rescue Me by Buckcherry (Explicit Content Artist) from the CD Black Butterfly (Explicit Lyrics warning sticker) Our article on Buckcherry.
Shout Outs from bus riders.
Song #11 The Pretender by Foo Fighters
Song #12 I Will Possess Your Heart (Radio Edit) by Death Cab For Cutie
Public Service Announcement: Buy Your Music Legally
Song #13 Love Hurts by Incubus (Explicit Content Artist but most recent CDs have not had explicit lyrics.)
“Call 877-My BusDJ”
Song #14 Get It Shawty (Remix) by Lloyd featuring Big Boi and Ja Rule (Explicit Content Artist)
“Call 877-My BusDJ”
Song #15 Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson
Bus safety announcement: Former BusRadio DJ Lucia ******* tells drivers to keep both hands on the wheel. (No kidding.)
Song #16 Let’s Get It Started by the Black Eyed Peas (Explicit Content Artist) You can hear the first of the song after the above PSA. This song was formerly called “Let’s Get Retarded” as in: let’s get stoned or drunk. The bus riders can still hear the lyrics, “Let’s get stupid” which refers to getting high.

Students are reminded that 877-MyBusDJ is 877-692-8737.