Gettin’ Down With The Funky Bus Sounds

February 11, 2009


From Jim Metrock:

The Independent School District of Angleton, TX has a driver that loves BusRadio.

Then again he just might be "angling" to get some of that BusRadio cash.

Below is an audio clip from the beginning of today’s high school version of BusRadio’s show. John from Bus 256 sounds like he might be reading a script prepared by BusRadio. It has that silly "adult-trying-to-talk-like-a-teenager" quality to it that BusRadio’s personalities overdo on the air.


AUDIO FILE: Angleton ISD (TX) bus driver does BusRadio promo



This is one of the most remarkable and disturbing things I have ever heard on BusRadio – and that is saying a lot.

John is a school bus driver and I assume that he is employed by the Angleton ISD – a government employee. If he is a government employee, he is suppose to devote his full work day to the taxpayers who pay his salary and benefits. He is not suppose to do work for anybody else while he is on "the clock."

On this audio clip I hear a bus driver who is doing work – real work – for BusRadio. Companies pay people in a position of influence to help promote their products or services. I imagine no money has changed hands in this situation, but no money has to paid for this to be a bad thing.

I don’t know when John of Angleton, Texas made his call to BusRadio. If it was on during his workday, then I think this needs to be looked at by school officials. [Note: All school districts need to be concerned about the possibility of this happening with their drivers. BusRadio needs the loyalty of drivers and that is why they constantly dangle money and prizes in front of them.] If he called and did his promotional spot from his home or on personal time, is there still a problem?

I think so.

As a government employee who drives a school bus, John has influence. He has influence obviously on the students riding his bus. (Did you hear Driver John tell his riders that they needed to go to So they could win money?! A lot of Texas parents would have a problem with a bus driver telling their child to go to specific website in search of free cash.) But also he has influence on other drivers in his district and across the country. BusRadio could not pay for a better advertisement for their controversial company than to have a real life bus driver do a commercial for their company. If Driver John in Angleton loves BusRadio, then maybe other drivers hearing his praise will be more inclined to turn on the daily show. Bingo – that means more ad revenue for BusRadio.

This pitch by Driver John will enhance the financial interests of BusRadio. No bus driver and no teacher in Texas or any state I know of is suppose to do use their position to advance the interest of a private company, especially a school vendor. It matters not if he or she is paid. It is just wrong.